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"Chattahoochee: 29.9.0117"

mokuhanga (water-based woodblock print)
on handmade Japanese paper (washi)
with mica.
Image: 9 7/8" x 13 7/8", paper: 11" x 15", 2017

The Chattahoochee River on a Page!
The print depicts the Chattahoochee River from its start in the Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains,
down to the state line dividing Georgia and Alabama on through Florida (as the Apalachicola River)
to the Gulf of Mexico.

Each print is hand-printed on handmade Japanese Kozo paper (washi) using the traditional
Japanese Ukiyo-e printmaking technique (mokuhanga). The final print consists of 30 passes
over the paper with the 29 hand-carved woodblocks using water, nori and 9 water-based pigments
plus another pass with mica. Printed: January of 2017.

The print was created for the "Slowness" Portfolio initiated by Mary Hood for the SGCI
Conference in Atlanta, 2017.
Chattahoochee prints and numbered editions continue in various forms.
This print is part of my ongoing series "The River Project."