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all images © Florence Neal

Eye Series


Linoleum block prints, 11" x 8"
left to right:
Sting of the Iris, Inside Outside, Tantien, Habanera, In the Cage
Rio, El Fuego, Dance of Life, Escape, General Life

Ablaze, Czech Memory, Volcano 2 Worlds, Issidan, Who Sees?

The series started in 1995 with Sting of the Iris and continues today.  I often take 11” x 8” linoleum blocks and cutting tools with me (security permitting) on my travels and residencies and cut the prints on location.  In the Eye Series I explore the highly charged relation each person has to their ability to see and interpret their surroundings. I see these prints as messages with oblique references to sacred geometry and ancient symbols. Forms dance on the edge of movement. I am interested in the thin line between balance and chaos. During my residency in Andalucía, Spain, at Fundación Valparaíso in 2009, prints including Escape, El Fuego, General Life, and Dance of Life were cut. I narrowly escaped the Mojácar wildfire on the 24th of July carrying these linoleum blocks.  Volcano 2 Worlds was cut in Antigua, Guatemala near the Volcano Agua and the active Volcano El Fuego.  Issidan was cut in Kyoto, Japan (2011). In the print Habanera two forms are in a whirling dance between light and dark to become a new "whole" poised in the unifying moment and tension of the dance.   Also referencing the aria in the opera "Carmen".  The first line of the opera: "Love is a rebellious bird that nothing can tame." In the Cage depicts two individual forms locked inside the space of another individual unit, surrounded by drops of ink, blood or teardrops. Inner space is pressured on both sides by other cage forms, oppression, isolation and containment. Also a reference to "In the Cage" by Henry James.