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Florence Neal_Waters of the Future
"Waters of the Future" print project and sound installation, 1011 Broadway, Columbus, Georgia


Florence Neal & Michael Kowalski

Exhibition Dates: September 13 - October 16, 2021
Event: September 13, 1-5pm, Artist Intervention / Public Engagement
Sponsored by the Columbus State University Department of Art

This is the first exhibition combining participants from Brazil and U.S.

Fulcrum Gallery
1011 Broadway, Columbus, Georgia
on view 24/7 - storefront exhibition

Waters of the Future is an installation about water incorporating water-based block prints by Florence Neal with a sound environment, "Water Music with Ichiyanagi Mix," a suite of thirty musical miniatures by Michael Kowalski.

“What is the Color of the Water of the Future?”

Answers to the question are rendered visible through hand-carved woodcuts, hand-printed with water-based pigments on Japanese paper (washi) using the traditional (Ukiyo-e) Japanese printing technique or mokuhanga. The installation reflects responses to the question by over 170 people living in Brazil and the United States.

Water Music with Ichiyanagi Mix consists of a multitrack acoustic sculpture of drips, sloshes, and running water overlaid by a series of thirty miniature musical compositions, each lasting twenty-four, thirty, or thirty-six seconds, and all based upon a radical remixing of clips drawn from my performance of Toshi Ichiyanagi's Music for Piano #7. The Ichiyanagi score is a set of ten open-form charts which, while specifying no exact pitches or rhythms, do constrain the pianist's actions within strict bounds. This seemed to me to be very much in the spirit of "The Waters of the Future."   — Michael Kowalski

September 13, from 1 to 5pm, the artist will be on-site to engage with visitors and hand-print visitor responses to the question while demonstrating the Japanese printing technique, mokuhanga. Each participant in the project will receive a "Waters of the Future” button designed by Florence. The "Waters of the Future" ("As Águas do Futuro") project began at the Sacatar Foundation International Residency in Bahia, Brazil (2018).

You are invited to participate in the project!
What is the Color of the Water of the Future? click link to enter your answer





Michael Kowalski
Premier of Water Music with Ichiyanagi Mix using Feonic Technology, Wispering Window®



Florence Neal with print studio on-site
Asking the question: What is the Color of the Water of the Future?
and a mokuhanga printing demonstration of visitors' answers.

Michael Kowalski speaking more about "Water Music with Ichiyanagi Mix," a suite of thirty musical miniatures.



The artist is grateful for the support of the Sacatar Foundation and their International Residency program where "As Águas do Futuro" was realized in Bahia, Brazil (2018).


2019 - Waters of the Future at Five Myles, Brooklyn NY
2022 - As Águas do Futuro - Galeria Gravura Brasileira, rua Ásia, 210, Cerqueira Cesar, São Paulo, Brasil

Florence's woodblocks