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all images © Florence Neal

"¿Cuál es tu impresión?"

Art and music collaboration with Michael Kowalski.
12 Impressions for percussion interpretation.
Rubbing drawings and prints made with Guarani students in Santa Rosa de Cuevo, Bolivia.

Percussion performance at the Santa Rosa Festival: Friday, April 20, 2018.

Michael with his students at the rehearsal.

Musicians listening to tape of rehearsal

Found percussion instruments made by the students

Performance April 20, 2018 "¿Cuál es tu impresión?"
(photo credit: Florencia Walfisch)

Florence in music and art performance, April 20, 2018
(photo credit: Florencia Walfisch)


Santa Rosa Festival Santa Rosa Festival 2018

Santa Rosa_Studio-Workshop
Studio and Art Workshop in Santa Rosa, Bolivia

(photo credit: Robert Aitchison)

Students printing_Bolivia

Rubbings (18" x 86") made with Guarani students of the Santa Rosa Mission in Santa Rosa de Cuevo, Bolivia.

Student drawings-prints_Bolivia


¿Cuál es tu impresión?
"What is your impression?" Neal designed button, given to students and visitors.
Art and music collaboration with composer Michael Kowalski


Santa Rosa info
Speical thanks to Mimmo Roselli for his invitation and to the wonderful people of Bolivia.