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September 13 - October 16, 2021
in conjunction with the
Trees Columbus & Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Fulcrum Gallery
1011 Broad Street, Columbus, GA

WATERS OF THE FUTURE is an installation about water incorporating water-based block prints with a sound environment, "Water Music with Ichiyanagi Mix," a suite of thirty musical miniatures by Michael Kowalski.

“What is the color of the water of the future?”
The installation is based on responses to the question by 100 people living in the United States.
Answers to the question are rendered visible in hand-carved, hand-printed woodcuts employing water-based pigments (mokuhanga) on Japanese (washi) paper.

The artist will be on-site September 13 to engage with visitors and hand-print responses to the question while demonstrating the mokuhanga technique. Each participant in the project receives a "Waters of the Future” button designed by Florence.

You are invited to participate!
click HERE for link to answer the question
what is the color of the water of the future?

The "Waters of the Future" ("As Águas do Futuro") project began at my Sacatar Residency in Bahia, Brazil (2018).


FNeal_Reverberations_Waters of the Future
"Waters of the Future" with block print "Reverberations" (installation at Five Myles, 2019)

Florence Neal_Waters of the Future_Five Myles
"Waters of the Future" answers to the question, installation at Five Myles, Brooklyn, NY (2019)



Mokuhanga, water-based woodcut printing setup.


The artist is grateful for the support of Sacatar Foundation
to realize "As Águas do Futuro" in Brazil (2018).
The project is ongoing!