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all images © Florence Neal

Sacatar Residency Fellowship
August - October, 2018
Sacatar Institute
Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil

"As águas do futuro”
Neal designed button

Project: "As águas do futuro na boca da baía"

the waters of the future as the mouth of the bay

I plan to study the water surrounding the island of Itaparica through a series of water-based woodcuts using the ancient Japanese technique, mokuhanga. Along with daily drawings and observation, story gathering will play a part in the project. The drawings and research will be developed into woodcuts made with handheld tools.

As part of this project I will be observing the trees, the tides and water surrounding the island - All Saints Bay. I will travel to parts of the bay to work and gather stories of the bay area and its environs. These stories will be recorded and a selection of them will be incorporated into the project. Every storyteller or person told about the project will receive a "as águas do futuro” button designed by the artist.

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